"Lori is the best mixture of education and experience I've ever seen in a teacher. She has shown me how to teach my daughter in a way her mind could understand." - Holly Bilyeu, Homeschool Mother

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About Lori Morrison

"Access to the Answers was created out of a deep passion to strengthen and encourage struggling learners. As I beheld children shutting down emotionally because of their heartfelt inabilities to grasp multiplication concepts, I sought every kinesthetic (muscle memory), rhythmical, and humorous idea I could muster in order to grant them hope. These joyfully have danced together in the heart and mind of student after student, and enabled them to master not only multiplication, but also go on to long division, fractions, factorizations, and even Algebra."


"I've marveled, with eyes popping and jaws dropping, as I've beheld their triumphs. Learning these multiples, and deftly coordinating their fingers to match each one, seems to create a musical mathematical memory with the students, and they “get it”. They learn to recognize if they know it immediately, or must count and sing it, which guarantees accuracy in every single math problem. If taught with pleasure and freedom to laugh, the songs are mastered one by one, and you will be amazed as these little ones march gallantly upon the once foreboding Math Mountain, for now they have been granted Access to the Answers." 


Lori is the homeschooling mother of 6 children and the teacher of countless others. She has formally operated her own tutoring business for over 10 years. Her "rubber meets the road" teaching method is instrumental in enabling the struggling student to keep on going where they would otherwise lie stagnant and discouraged in their learning. She takes a seemingly insurmountable task and breaks it down into the smallest chunks that the child can master. She delights in children grasping the abstract by first mastering the concrete.


Access to the Answers CD
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"I've marveled, with eyes popping and jaws dropping, as I've beheld their triumphs."
Lori Morrison, creator 


Access to the Answers may be ordered by calling 740-674-4403


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